Dr. Amy Forth


Dr. Forth uses a multi-modal holistic approach to help her patients in the office. Each patient will experience a customised care program. Some of the treatments that she uses are:
  • Spinal and extremity joint health evaluation.
  • Gentle, specific adjusting. No popping and cracking! The specific approach means that you will hold your correction for as long as possible and it will decrease the number of visits in the office.
  • Laboratory testing if necessary and the use of high quality nutritional supplements. These differ from the supplements available over the counter because they use high quality raw ingredients and pharmaceutical analytical methods in their formulation. This ensures that the ingredient lists accurately reflect the dosage and quality of ingredients
  • Individual exercise programs based on the patient's specific functional needs.
  • Taping and supports for body areas as needed.
  • Hot, cold, electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy as needed.
  • The use of high quality therapeutic grade essential oils

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